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Hey Dan,

Can't wait for your blog about advice for hopeful television writers. I've been wanting to write since I first saw Friends on Must See TV when I was only 5 or 6 years old. I'd even make my parents dress up and act out scenes from television shows. Also, I've written over 270 pieces of fiction in the last few years, and I'm in the process of writing a novel. I even try to attend as many live tapings as possible. Right now I'm taking my general education online so I can transfer to a state school in a year or so.

If you are looking for an intern or assistant who is very eager to learn and is in love with every aspect of television (especially writing, but I'd be incredibly happy just watching, learning and fetching coffee), I would greatly appreciate your consideration. I live here in southern California, I'm a 4.0 student, 19 years old, and a very responsible, goal-oriented person. It's been my dream my entire life to help make happen what I see on the screen - and make people laugh.

Thank you so much for your time, and please keep making all of us laugh. :)

Robyn Witt

Robyn, thanks for your nice comment. I checked our your MySpace page -- you like a LOT of TV shows. You listed about 30 of them. Wow!

Thanks for reading my comment, I'm still amazed that amid all the people in the television business that just ignore their fans, there's still a few cool guys that actually take the time to read and answer fan questions. :) Yes, television is a way of life for me. I just recently got into iCarly when my sister broke her leg and basically had day-long iCarly marathons. It's the only show that we BOTH like and can watch together, and its super funny. (Spencer's physical comedy is so John Ritter-esque, I crack up every time!)

Anyway, thanks again, Dan. Please remember me if you're ever looking for some extra help around the office, even just someone to clean up after you make spaghetti tacos (which are delicious by the way - especially with meatballs). I know this probably isn't the best forum to ask such questions, but I figure I have to take chances when I can in a business like this.

Can't wait for iSpeed Date!

Robyn :)

Hi, Dan!

I just wanna say you're a comedic WIZARD! Harry Potter would be proud to sit on an overstuffed train with you. Haha, It'd be terrible if you don't like Harry Potter and this comment makes you wanna blow up.

Please don't blow up......

Anyways, that's really all I wanted to mention.

Thank You,

Hi Dan,
I am DJ/Producer. And I love Victoria's voice :)
She is really amazing! And I've decided to create a new instrumental track for Victoria. But I don't know how can I send it to her! And I am sure that Victoria will love my production! Because I worked on it very hard! Only you can help me because you know Victoria very well. You are a great director! By the way, I love your TV Shows :) It is wonderful!

Please, could you tell me how can I contact her ? How can I send her my demo ? May I know her e-mail address ? Or her manager's or producer's e-mail address ?

Please, help me :)

Kind regards,
Aday (Sanlight)

I was just wondering why on iCarly u mention David Schwimmer so many times, is it just a joke or wat? :)

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